Office environments can create certain areas of risk when it comes to health. Three common areas of the musculoskeletal structure at risk of developing issues are the back, neck and hands. Regular breaks can provide an opportunity to rest these areas and prevent health concerns from arising.



The back is the most obvious area that can be affected by the office environment. Sitting down all day with poor posture can cause strain on back muscles. This can further lead to issues later on, such as dowager’s hump or consistent pain. It is important to stretch regularly, at least once every hour, and maintain a correct posture to avoid back injury. Taking a break for a few minutes to stand up also improves circulation and increases oxygen to the body.



Neck issues also arise from poor posture. Drooping the head in response to poorly situated screens can often result in a sore neck. It is important to align your office chair and computer so you are sitting upright with good posture, keeping your neck straight, rather than bent over. Hourly breaks for a few minutes to stand and stretch will provide relief and help to decrease stiffness in the neck.



Hands are a problem area because of repetitive movement. It is paramount to make sure hands get their break as well. While taking a break to stretch from sitting all day, or merely standing to get a cup of tea or coffee, small stretches to the hand can help allow the muscles to rest and recover.
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