Corporate Massage

Proven Five-Step Process

Hanzon Corporate Massage uses a proven five-step process to bring these benefits to your staff :

Step 1 - A full medical history

A full medical history to assess a treatment plan, including any contraindications that could relate to Workplace Health and Safety issues, and if any contraindications for Safety and OH&S requirements.

Step 2 - Assessment of posture, joint and muscle functionalit

Assessment of posture and joint and muscle functionality to investigate whether habits from work or every-day activities are causing or aggravating episodes of back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or damaging spinal structures.

Step 3 - A tailored treatment plan for each employee

A treatment plan is then tailored to the employee’s needs which is focused on muscles that are stressed and repetitiously used in their job. The aim of the treatment is to relieve tension and reduce any further pain or discomfort.

Techniques that are most effective include remedial massage, trigger point therapy and / or swedish massage. The massage could last from 10 to 20 mins, with the employee fully clothed, sitting either at their desk usinig a head piece, to support their upper body or on a free standing massage chair, where they can sit forward and are supported in comfort.

Step 4 - Advice on exercises and treatments

After assessing each staff member’s posture and providing the tailored massage program, they will be advised on what exercises and treatment would be suitable to their needs. This advice is designed to :

  • improve performance and productivity;
  • diminish the chances of the onset of chronic aches and pains;
  • help to address postural issues that could be affecting a staff member’s general wellbeing as well as their performance at work; and
  • make staff aware of how they can self manage their physical issues.
Step 5 - Follow up feedback

Follow up feedback on treatment which involves the employee being asked how they responded and if they noted any significant changes. This information is then used to improve on any further treatments for the employee.


Company / Employee Options :

  1. Company pays 100% of cost.
  2. Company and Employees each pay a percentage of cost.
  3. Employee pays 100% of cost.

Health Fund Rebates

Employees may be able to claim on their health funds.

Booking Requirements

There is a two hour minimum booking fee per session.

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